Sunday, January 30, 2011

My first blog post!

Hi readers! I've been thinking of starting to write a blog a long ago, and made it real only today :) Here I'm going to write about things that I like, I am interested in and share with all of you! Expect lots of youtube videos, iPhone news and apps, and... you'll see ;)
Also, I'd like to share my Facebook page about iPhone apps: "LIKE" it if you're interested in the best iPhone apps :)
And last, but not least, one of my favourite youtube videos seen lately. It's from some polish school, where guys are singin Armin van Buuren's song. Check it out:


poet said...

hey just found you! good luck and check out my poetry at

looking for some honest feedback!

Killuvogel said...

Well good luck starting your new blog!

ill follow you!

check me out at

MMAX said...

Good luck !
Everyone have something to share :)

Alphalpha said...

I wish you the best! (More success than me at least!)

Ian Begley said...

Seems like a very enthusiastic class lol. Following!

Bearchiller said...

What're they even doing singing that lol!

Hopin for more funny vid from you in the future man!

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